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Manifesting Manouche is a great method for beginning through intermediate players, as well as an ideal curriculum for gypsy jazz guitar teachers and their students. The book offers tips for teachers, a comprehensive practice plan, a quick start guide for students, blank diagrams/tabs for adding new curriculum, and much more. Sections included: arpeggio shapes and etudes, grilles (gypsy jazz style chord charts), manouche style phrases, enclosures, diminished scales, and more. All of the phrases and scales in this book are connected to the 5 major & 5 minor arpeggio shapes. Links to YouTube video demonstrations of all phrases in this book.
112 pages.

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The Rock Heroz, Kenan Method guitar instruction book is a comprehensive rock/Pop/folk guitar curriculum for beginning and intermediate students of all ages. The book covers rhythm & lead guitar, standard notation, and tablature. It uses easy to follow strumming notation ideal for swift comprehension, and easy to write when transcribing new songs your students want to learn.

Rock Heroz, $20.00

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