Why choose Anthony?

Why should my child take guitar lessons with you ?

  1. I offer both private and group instruction to fit the varying needs of my students as well as your financial budget.

  2. I am a full time guitar teacher. This is what I do for a living, I’m dedicated to my students, and to improving my craft as a teacher.

  3. You will receive access to my student log in page, which includes a downloadable version of my instruction book, as well as instruction and training videos that follow my lesson plans.

  4. For ever season, there will be a student recital, so your child will have an opportunity to perform what he or she has learned.

  5. I’ve taught extensively as both a private instructor AND in a classroom setting, so I’m prepared for nearly any challenge that comes up in a teacher student relationship.

  6. I don’t pack my schedule full of students, which allows me to better serve my existing student roster.